After watching few debates on TV channels regarding this matter and controversy. I'm writing this post to make people understand the Rajput community's attitude in this matter. I'm not claiming to be an expert but being the member of the community I can understand the attitude and also share that attitude to an extent and here I'm making an attempt to make people understand it. Although, I don't think that there will be any scene between Allaudin Khilji and Padmavati especially after such opposition from Rajput community, not even in a dream. But I also think that a Director has the power of perception and certain control on how the story is actually portrayed.
Eg. He can portray Khilji in a certain manner like how Shahrukh was portrayed in Baajigar, i.e. A negative character may get liked or remembered more. Here a negative character will have so much screen presence that people will feel that Khilji was awesome. And people may say when coming out of cinema hall "Kya role play kiya h ranvir ne aur shahid lagega ki kya lallu tha." instead of saying "how great was the sacrifice of Padmavati and Rajput Warriors". To make such a great sacrifice as a mere topic of entertainment would be wrong.

Also, I personally feel that the casting is not up to the mark. Why Mr. Bhansali needed Ranveer to play the role of Khilji? this could’ve been easily avoided and thus also the controversy. If he did, then he should've clarified that there'll be no scene between Deepika and him, at the start. It's the responsibility of the Director.

Please watch following video which explains history of Rani Padmini, Jauhar & Saka. I'm sharing it because Media ignores the Saka (Resolve of the Rajput Warriors to fight till their last breath, in that Saka 30000 Rajput Warriors died against Khilji)

Saka: when warriors put ashes of their dead family members on their forehead, wear Kesariya(Saffron) Safa(Turbon), put tulsi leaf & gangajal in mouth and storm out at enemy to fight to their death, killing as many enemies as they can and die valiantly. Because they have nothing left behind to go back to, they all fight till their last breath. In Last Saka at Chittor against Akbar, 8000 Rajputs died killing 40000 Warriors of Akbar.

Celebrating Khilji is like celebrating Hitler

These snippets are from "TÁRÍKH-I 'ALÁÍ also known as KHAZÁÍNU-L FUTÚH, by AMÍR KHUSRÚ " who was the contemporary of Alauddin and is very well known historian ...i fail to understand why media is hell-bent on eulogizing a cruel man of the past? what message do they want to give?

Khilji Massacre
Khilji Massacre

Padmavati: Ghoomar is not Ghoomar

The Ghoomar of Padmavati is not appropriate, especially the dress and movements of Padmavati and can't even be called as Ghoomar. Rajput women do not dress that way even today in Rajasthan, also even Thakurani(Wife of the feudal lord) don’t dance. In some places ladies stand up when "Thakurani sa" walks in, I’ve seen myself. And here he has shown Padmavati dancing, a Queen.

That could've been fine as well if the dance was a little more graceful and the dress was nice especially considering some of the background artists are wearing appropriate dresses in the Padmavti's Ghoomar Song. So Mr. Bhansali was aware of what actually are Rajput customs and dress is but he didn’t choose to show. Why filmmakers have the belief that truth won't be liked and they need to resort to all standard tactics which Bollywood generally use.

The line in lyrics of Ghoomar “ralak reet sab jag ki chhod kar Ghoomar ghoomar ghoome”
It means, “I’ve discarded all of traditions and customs of family and I’m doing Ghoomar”. I don't think these lines are suitable for a Queen who has sacrificed herself to safeguard her and her family's honour.

Rajputs and various communities of Rajasthan or even various races of the world have their unique culture, customs and traditions, and if you can't portray that well, then you should not take up such a task.

So, Rajputs are absolutely right in opposing this movie, especially when they can clearly see mistakes in what's just a small part of trailer and songs. If that contains mistakes, then how many mistakes are there in the whole movie.

If you do Katthak and call it Bharatnatyam or do Bharatnatyam and call it Ghoomar would it be okay. It isn't.

The way bhansali presented the Ghoomar Song is misappropriation of a living culture, and neglects the customs and protocols followed by Rajput community, also depiction of Ghoomar is historicaly inaccurate. It's not a dance form of Mewar but a dance form of Marwar.

Bhansali's Movie Generalizes Rajput clans

The Rajput community has 36 Major Kshatriya Clans, these clans greatly varied in power and influence. Although they do share the same community, its moral values and beliefs but they do have certain differences which are unique to each clan including Origin of the clan and they even have varying culture, traditions, etiquettes and even language because they ruled different regions and faced different opponents and circumstances. Bhansali grossly generalizes all Rajputs. According to Bhansali's theorem all Rajput clans like Chauhan, Sisodia, Rathore(Rashtrakutas), Solanki(Chalukya), Parmar, Kachwahas (Rajawats, Shekhawat etc.), Tomer/Tanwar, Bhati, Jadeja, Pratihar/Parihar, Gaur, Jadaun, Bais etc. are all same.
Please notice following verse:-
बलहट बँका देवड़ा, करतब बँका गौड़ !
हाडा बँका गाढ़ में, रण बँका राठौड़ !!
Above verse mentions the characteristic qualities of 4 Rajput clans. And of these two Hada and Deora are branches of Chauhan Rajput clan. So, even there's a unique identity to a subclan of Rajput clan and to generalize all Rajput and trying to summarize them in one movie is wrong. He used the Ghoomar which is unique to Marwar and has shown it as dance form of Mewar which culturally and historically inaccurate. Also, he has no idea about the dialect spoken in these regions. Dialects of Marwar, Mewar, Dhundhad and Shekhawati are different. Any person living in Rajasthan will verify that fact to you.

It's like if tomorrow all Euroean countries form a United Nation, does that mean that historians should forget that there ever existed England, Italy, France etc. They have their own cultural identities, language etc.

If Mr. Bhansali can't give that much attention to details then it's not necessary to make a movie about a subject you know nothing about because then you'll commit the same sort of mistakes which Jayasi did, Jayasi never visited Chittor, and here Mr. Bhansali didn't bother to ask Royal Family of Mewar anything and didn't shoot his movie in Rajasthan and he has actually made his movie on Khilji, taking Ranveer as main lead is proof of that and then claiming that it's about Padmavati, Ratan Singh and Chittor, it's not. And He even said that it's tribute to Rajputs. I want Mr. Bhansali to watch following Video, a Tribute Given by Israel to Rajputs, Jodhpur Lancers (Rathore Army of Jodhpur, Raised by Sir Pratap Singh Rathore) and Hero of Haifa 'Major Dalpat Singh Shekhawat' and 'Captain Aman Singh Rathore(Jodha)':-


Israel releases a Video of Haifa hero's Maj Dalpat Singh Shekhawat and Capt Aman Singh Jodha of Jodhpur Lancers...Rajputs defeated Ottoman Turks and Germans at Haifa and liberated this city ..The supreme spiritual leader of the Bahai faith was also rescued in this operation.#WW1 Courtesy -Praduman Singh Ji Edit - Below is the translation of Hebrew audio in English : Over the city of Haifa hovers the story of the last cavalry battle in the history in which a fortified city was taken.I commanded over this battle. my name is Th Dalpat Singh.but unfortunately already in the first minutes of battle , i was mortally how did i get the title " hero of haifa " ? I was born in a small village in the province of jodhpur.My father thakur Hari Singh came from a simple and poor family.But his polo skills caught the eyes of the founder of jodhpur polo team Sir Pratap Singh. Outstanding athletes and celebrities,were also the most courageous officers of the indian,it was no surprise that Sir Pratap also established the cavalry regiment of jodhpur.My father became a commander in this battalion,thus our family got to be household members in Sir Pratap's home.When I was ten my dad died.They say he drank and drank ,until his body collapsed.Sir Pratap did not hesitate and took me under his wing.He even sent me to school in England.when I returned to jodhpur in 1912,i was also attached to the cavalry regiment of jodhpur.At the outbreak of the great war we were sent to help british in their struggle against Ottoman Empire ,Austro-Hungarian and German , and i found myself in Israel.We were getting ready for the battle of Haifa which was an important strategic objective after a successful conquest in the south of the country. As the British army had already set in Megiddo , we received Intel on ottoman forces evacuation of the city of Haifa. The British thought they will simply travel to the city and wave the flag of British empire. A small armored force headed by General A King sitting in an open Rolls Royce went into the city. The info turned out to be incorrect and the strange force was caught in the fire from which it got out just 4 hours later. The mission of occupation was then assigned to us , the Indian cavalry regiment. Our battalion leader was busy on a remote task so I was assigned to lead the battalion. I knew I could bring great honor and pride to Sir Pratap . Although he was already in his 70s , he accompanied the regiment in all our travels . For me it was like my dad was here with me and I started preparing for a hard battle. Mysore battalion had split in the morning of Sept 23 and I was assigned to attack the City with two divisions but the terrain conditions made it quite difficult for the troops. On the one hand , the horses sank into the marshes in coastal area and on the other hand we encountered a steep slope strewn with boulders. It slowed down the movement of horses causing injuries. We crossed between the Kishonwadi and Carmel ridge. When we reached the crossing , we ran into the barrage of heavy artillery shells and already at this stage I was mortally wounded. I wanted to stand up and lead the troops despite the risks , despite the fear as I learned from Sir Pratap but I was paralyzed. In a last effort , I managed to see How captain Aman Singh Jodha , 40 years old and one of the experienced commanders of the battalion recognized those who got me and raced attacking them directly on the horsebacks. Equipped with Spears of three and half meters and carbines , my friends backed by a British unit continued their offense against the ottomans who were armed with machine guns and cannons. Against all odds Aman Singh Jodha and soldiers killed 80 ottoman soldiers and took 700 captive. An hour later , Haifa was in our hands. But in the meantime my severe injuries overwhelmed me and I closed my eyes. On my death I was 25 . For Sir Pratap , the news about my death was hard . He took care of me all his life and so on my death thanks to him I was awarded the title "Hero of Haifa" . But the story of conquest of Haifa is certainly not a single hero's story. Haifa is the last fortified City conquered by cavalry , brave Indian cavalry , among them , me too.(Rajputs of Rajasthan )

The Rajputs ಅವರಿಂದ ಈ ದಿನದಂದು ಪೋಸ್ಟ್ ಮಾಡಲಾಗಿದೆ ಭಾನುವಾರ, ಡಿಸೆಂಬರ್ 24, 2017

Hollywood even made movie on Leonidas, how come situation of Rawal Ratan Singh any different. Please read following Screenshot about Rajputs from Annals and Antiquities of Rajas'than.

Movie is about Real Historical characters & Places, but it's based on a Fictional Poem 'Padmavat' by Jayasi and Mr. Bhansali's own imagination

It's a movie about Real Historical characters such Rani Padmini, Rawal Ratan Singh, Gora & Badal and Allauddin Khilji, Khusru, Malik Kaffur and real historical places like Chittor based on a Fictional Poem 'Padmavat' by Jayasi and Bhansali's own imagination.
Our history and one of most valourous and also sad event in our history is just an entertainment for someone. People should know that Rani Padmini, The daughter of Rawal Punyapal Bhati of Poongal, Jaisalmer is not fiction. Her mother was from Sinhalwada, Rajasthan a small Chauhan Kingdom. Gora Singh Chauhan was her maternal uncle and Badal was her cousin. Are you still bent on believing Jayasi Story but ignore all Bards and folk literature and songs of Rajasthan. It used to take about 8 months to travel to Shri Lanka, during such circumstances Ratan Singh can't offord to go to Shri Lanka to marry some princess, considering Jauhar & Saka happened in 1301 at Ranthambore as well. Those who still claim Rani Padmini as fiction should know that there happened 3 Jauhars & Saka in Chittor and it's a historical fact, and even before that just 2 years ago in 1301, a Jauhar and Saka also took place in Ranthambore. (Please read about Hammirdev Chauhan, here's youtube video I found: and also read about him in history books about 'Hathi Hammir or Hammir Dev Chauhan of Ranthambore')

Jayasi himself says that he has heard this historical story and writing a fictional account of It. Even Padmini story is mentioned in songs of Bards before Padmavat by Jayasi and also in Kshatriya Charit poem written 15 years prior to Padmavat by Jayasi. Reknowned Historian Dashrath Sharma defended Rani Padmini's existence was of the view that there are evidence to support her existence.


Also he has shown Mastani as Rajput in his previous movie. Whom Rajputs don’t consider as Rajput. A child of Rajput father and Rajput mother is only considered as Rajputs. Chhatrasal Bundela was shown as nobody & Bajirao as mere lover. Chhatrasaal who singly established his own empire Bundelkhand and challanged Aurangzaib and remained ruling his kingdom victoriously without losing a battle and Bajirao who won 40+ battles.

Movie Ramlila & Ranvir's Remark about Padmavati Movie & his excitement to work with Deepika

In Ramlila he used name of Rajput clan which after opposition from Rajput community changed to Saneda and Razadi. And Ranvir Singh’s inappropriate remarks and disclosure that he is excited to work with deepika in this movie and they may shoot a dream sequence etc. which obviously I hope won’t be there after opposition from Rajputs. So it's also a point Rajputs do not trust Bhansali, he has lost it in his previous movies, and quite rightly so.


The Rajput community has every right to oppose this movie and has a say in it because it's their ancestors' story. All Rajputs are bound by blood. Rajputs have their unique culture and traditions, Rajasthan has its own language, beliefs, way of life and to portray it incorrectly is wrong. Some people say why didn't you oppose earlier? Well, we should have. If someone doesn't object to something, doesn't make it right. If you teach kids as 2+2=10; maybe you and I will find it okay, but it's likely that somebody won't want or like that. Also, I condemn the remarks made by some people from Rajput community towards Deepika. But It's also wrong on part of media that when they were protesting for past 18 months peacefully and occassional untoward instances, you didn't show that correctly. You deliberately pick people who can't represent Rajput community, you allowed them to enter your studios with weapons and then pretend to be surprised. And you judge whole Rajput community on the basis of comments and actions of few, literally. While you were disrespecting Rajputs, many of my brothers are protecting borders and many sacrificing their lives. BTW I don't know those two guys you bring everyday on debates and they're fool enough to come there, without understanding your agenda that you're generalizing the whole community. Never even heard about them, while I do respect sentiments of some of those people but I don't support their views or actions like issuing threats or using inappropriate language. Why are you not showing views of Royal Family of Mewar in this matter? Why are you not asking views of Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore a Rajput politician, Rajnath Singh (Home Minister of India, a Rajput) or Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Because you've found bunch of people and you're set on your agenda to disrespect and tarnish honour of Rajputs and that's exactly why there is rage in Rajput community.

The Rajput race is the noblest and proudest in India, they are of highest antiquity and purest descent, they have a military autocracy of a feudal type, and "brave and chivalrous, keenly sensitive to an affront, and especially jealous of the honour of their women".
— Lt.Col. James Tod in Annals and Antiquities of Rajasthan
If devotion to the fair sex be admitted as a criterion of civilization, the Rajpoot must rank high. His susceptibility is extreme, and fires at the slightest offense to female delicacy, which he never forgives.
— Lt.Col. James Tod in Annals and Antiquities of Rajasthan

Thus this movie "Padmavati" needs to be opposed and all inappropriate things need to be removed.
Some also say that it's just a movie. Well, Mughal-e-Azam was also just a movie and purely fictional at that. All people of India are not educated and don't want to be educated and especially not in History. Movies and News Channels are their primary source of education & information. It's India, not America, and even Americans can choose Trump as their president. And there's new trend in Media i.e. write opposite news, fake news with distorted facts and hurt people, what offends gets more views.

Also, too much pride and trust in democratic processes is not a good thing for the people, it maybe good for the democracy but not for the people, our country and society and thus eventually not good for the democratic system. Such people who participate in debates without knowing much about Rajputs should be aware that they're here talking about history of Rajputs, who've sacrificed lakhs of lives and ruled for more than thousand years, some clans ruled many thousand years. Whereas democracy hasn't yet completed a century. We all know how our judicial system, police and politicians actually usually function.


Rajputs do have highest regard for country & its people and respect it immensely and are always willing to sacrifice life for the country & its people and nothing can takeaway that attitude especially from a common Rajput. But do they have the same respect for the democracy? I feel they mostly don't, and not even actually accept it whole-heartedly or remain unconcerned with it. Though some Rajput might actually not openly agree to it or even oppose my this view. But I think it's somewhat actually right especially in present circumstances and lots of reasons have led to this attitude towards democracy and they're losing trust in BJP or Congress or any other party because none of them addresses Rajput community's concerns and issues and Rajputs feel that they're not gaining much from current system of governance and their community is lagging behind and now honour of their forefathers and history is under attack by Idiots and so these events, oppositions, rallies, gatherings of Rajputs are just modes of outbursts. And political parties and policies of this country and media are responsible for it. And it's also entirely possible that Padmavati movie is just in line of fire of Rajputs and this opposition actually against Bollywood in general and combined outcome of lots of things which they've wrongly portrayed and Rajput community let those slide in the past and they won't let that happen in future. To other people it may or maynot make much difference, but to Rajputs it means a lot. Rajputs may not go to such extent for even getting other political advantages or even for reservations, But when it comes to honour, a common Rajput is always willing to sacrifice everything for it because many just only have name & honour of the clan and sword of ancestors as their sole ancestral property. Media & Politicians would need to be wise in this matter and handle this Padmavati issue with care and it needs utmost sincerity & honesty of all people involved.

It'd really great on part of Mr. Bhansali if he shows a great story on which every Indian can be proud of. I also appreciate if at the end of Movie he also shows victory of Rana Hammir and reconquering of Chittor by Guhilots(Sisodia). Let's hope that this movie becomes a matter of pride and not a blot. The Rajput community would hail Mr. Bhansali if he does the right thing this time and don't hurt Rajput sentiments.

The duality in the Rajput character was really astonishing. On the one hand he was a grim warrior, forever ready to draw his sword taking the cruelty, horror and pain of war in his stride. On the other hand he was gentle, warm in his hospitality, a lover of music and dance, and kind to the womenfolk, even those of his enemy.  
— M. S. Naravane in The Rajputs of Rajputana: A Glimpse of Medieval Rajasthan

Sorry, If I've written something which is not correct or inappropriate.
Thanks for reading this far.