Dear Mr. Yograj Singh and Dhoni haters,

If MS Dhoni is selecting the team then what selectors doing. Shouldn't he be paid extra for doing the job of selectors as well ;)

If only MS Dhoni selects team by your logic then He selected Yuvraj in 2011 worldcup and Yuvi was not in good form prior to that and yet he trusted him and yuvi didn't let down his captain either. At that time people were complaining why Dhoni is favoring yuvi. Mr. Yograj did you send your blessings to Dhoni then.

And Dhoni again selected him for world t20 and because of yuvi's bad form india lost t20 worldcup final. People pelted stones at yuvraj's house and even then dhoni didn't blamed him for the defeat in post match presentation.

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And I don't think Dhoni or selectors picked Yuvraj at that time because they wanted to do favor to him. But probably because he was an asset and important irreplaceable person at that time. He went through bad phase and couldn't make it to team india and when selected performed badly. Hopefully he'll come back. I wish he does come back. Dhoni too probably wish his team mate and friend Yuvraj to do well. It's not personal. Who knows what happpens in selection meeting.

If Dhoni did have an influence in not selecting yuvraj, even then he did the right thing. If Dhoni and selectors starts taking advice, he will end up with a team which will go out in round one. Probably Dhoni did not find yuvraj suitable for his current scheme or plans for worldcup considering Yuvraj's current form in international cricket.

In Dhoni's captaincy I see team mates enjoying each others' success. If Kohli hits a century, Raina is equally happy for him and so does other players.

Yuvraj was not in probable 30 for worldcup team and after selecting probable 30, he performed in ranji which cannot be compared with international cricket, but still by then it's too late. You can't throw someone out because suddenly yuvraj performed in some ranji match.

Stop blaming Dhoni. The Guy is doing great for the country. If he does good you say it's luck and if something goes wrong you blame him, even for things he is not directly or indirectly responsible. He won world T20, took team to world T20 final again, won ICC Cricket world cup and champions trophy.

He is batting down the order to support other players and build a strong fit team, a team which enjoys each others success, which has belief in themselves and each other. Dhoni is a great player and has highest average playing at number 3.

You say Dhoni didn't hit 50 or century. Do you really expect him to hit century in last five overs. It's always hard for new player who just comes to pitch. He is a human too. But he still does super humanly. As long as he is on pitch, people have hope that India can win. If you want him to score century kohli should come after him and dhoni should bat at number three. Because clearly Dhoni has higher average than kohli at number 3. But then who will do the job of finisher.

and Here's Dhoni's ODI career stats:
Matches 255, Innings 223, NO 64, Runs 8280, Highest score 183*, Average 52.07, Strike rate 88.91, centuries 9, fifties 56, 4s 644, sixes 178, catches 232, st 85

In this team, players have defined roles. If they play their roles well then that's great for the team. Stats doesn't matter, Team does, Nation does.

He gives importance to team interest than his own numbers.

He retired from test cricket at 90 tests and few runs short of 5000 runs in test cricket. Clearly he doesn't give a damn to his personal stats. He gives more importance to players who can win matches on a given day whether they have good stats or not. For e.g. Ajinkya Rahane is good player which cannot be judged solely based on his stats, he is much better player than what his stats says.

People blame Ravindra Jadeja and thinks that he shouldn't be in the team. But he is essential for team india. He breaks partnerships and takes crucial wickets. He is ranked as the No.1 bowler in ODI Cricket by the ICC in August 2013. Jadeja is the first India bowler to top the rankings since Anil Kumble, who topped the table in 1996. He is the fourth India bowler after Kapil Dev, Maninder Singh and Kumble to be ranked No. 1.

In current situation Yuvraj doesn't fit to replace anyone unless Ajinkya opens and rohit sit outside of the team and Yuvraj comes in. But that's selectors decide not MS Dhoni. People say that there are lot many CSK players in team. But truth is they are good plays and Dhoni has good tuning with them and probably CSK performs well and that's why team India performs well. Good players should play for India. That's the best thing to do.

For a good team fitness is important. Even Ireland is beating experienced

Yuvraj's father got over emotional and parents can do that. The bad thing is people and media is giving it importance. Even Yuvraj doesn't agree to his father's views. Yuvraj is a strong person. If he wanted to say against Dhoni he could've said it himself. Timing is also really bad as well.

God bless MS Dhoni and his team so that they can perform upto their abilities.

Please support team India and Dhoni.

WeWontGiveItBack :)

A proud MS Dhoni fan,