I was switching TV channels and happened to be on ZeeTV accidently.
This show was showing some guy burning restaurent of a girl to take revenge of an insult.. another similar type of show is Madhubala which is on Colors. The common thing which is happening in these shows or their storyline is a guy treats girl like dirt and then they show that he is actually a nice person... and then she fall for him.
I find these shows absurd.

Copying SRK is now boring, be original

After all how many TV shows are going to have to have the exact same photo like above. Agree, SRK did in some movie, and the Director/Actor happen to be fan of his(As it seems) but it's not a way to pay your tribute to him. You don't have to copy everything shown in movies. Be Original.

Why can't they create TV shows which have a good scripts with good characters and high moral values, humane and fun to watch and not boring. They do show good guys in these shows but they are all boring, Why a good person has to be boring? It's just a pure prejudice. A person has many facet to his personality, for example "amazing spider man", he is cool, interesting and does what is right, is a good hero.

For me there is nothing good on tv, except for IPL. The only Indian TV shows I liked in recent times are "Devon ke dev Mahadev" & "Comedy Nights with Kapil".

If you want my recommendation then please go ahead and watch following tv series, atleast they are interesting, have good script, exciting and if you try to be a filter and not a sponge then these shows will even teach you a lot about life, relationships, friendships, ethics and morality, courage etc... and they are really fun to watch :-

  • Friends
  • The Big Bang Theory
  • Game of Thrones
  • Dexter

Sometimes I think
"Aadhi Indian public ka dimag toh in tv shows ne kharab kar diya h..." and I think Indian TV shows' quality is really deteriorating... {"Even Disney doesn't have any good shows for kids... I still remember shows like Duck tales, Talespin etc. "} but now they are using too much effects and all.. but no good story. I think Disney should rerun old shows instead of these crappy shows which they are making for kids. Pogo has a nice show called "Chota Bheem" and they telecast this show all day, So not much for kids on TV also.

Please stop watching these illogical, idiotic shows because they do impact your brain and you'll realize it when you'll finish watching all 10 seasons of Friends and after that you'll hate Indian TV shows... particulary those which don't have anything decent to show.

After all who can tolerate this, see below pic.

Game of thrones is no less than movies, it's fantastic. Why can't Indian TV shows have good plot. And please finish the damn story, why are they treating it like a Chewing gum, spit it. When channel see good TRPs for their show, they think "We now have a money making cow". Try to become a good artist and we'll enjoy your work, until then bye bye Indian TV shows.

We are a culture which enjoyed puppetry as well, because those were great stories. Just give us a good story, good characters and we'll enjoy it. It is not that Indians can't create good shows, they in fact did. But they are now trying to hard to be pathetic.
I enjoyed Sarabhai vs Sarabhai. Give me such shows.

Thanks for reading.