I had a terrible and frustrating experience with snapdeal today. The site was not responding to clicks, it's like you are in a stampede. It practically wasted my whole day.

my full experience is illustrated below step by step, which I guess is the experience of many other users as well.

So, here is how badly snapdeal is, in details:

Today is nov 11, 2014 and I knew that today is snapdeal sale and I was ready. I saw the advertisement in the newspaper and noticed that sale on electronic items will start on 12:00AM, that's really helpful thing. And it's only nice thing that they did. I was anxiously waiting, I'm already logged in and on the product page of iPhone 5s(gold) and doing refresh every few seconds. and then it showed above 40% discount on iPhone 5s(gold). Yay!

I knew that other iPhone colors will not be available on sale and I was right. only gold was on sale.

I clicked on buy button and it was not responding. I opened console and noticed 503(service unavailable) and 504(Gateway timeout) errors.
Without loosing patience I kept trying and refreshing the page and it worked. Finally, iPhone was in my cart. but it was showing sold out in place of quantity. Being an optimistic person, I kept trying hacks And kept trying and there you go now it shows a 1 in place of quantity and I'm on checkout page to enter address. Yay!

iPhone 5s on nov 11 sale of snapdeal, in my cart

Now, No matter how times I try, it kept giving error and not saving the address. It's like "Aasman se gira to khajoor me atka"

After an hour or so, I retried and I was able to increase the quantity and it's showing 2 iphones for 62,000/- and that is really great but I'm still not able to go to payment page and my address is still not saved.

2 iPhone 5s on nov 11 sale of snapdeal, in my cart

While writing this post, I wondered I should give a final try. So, I revisited the page and now it worked and saved my address and I'm on payment page and I was happy and I clicked on cash on delivery and just when I was ablout to submit order I noticed that there is no discount. The price in the cart is revised. It's really disappointing.

iPhone 5s on nov 11 sale of snapdeal,checkout page, NO DISCOUNT

Final verdict:

They didn't notify users that there is some issue with the site except on their facebook page. A sitewide sticker would've been helpful that there is some issue with the site.

It was probably just a false propaganda to gain cheap publicity by snapdeal. Before they could've gained trust of users, they lost it.

in Short: Snapdeal Sucks! it wasted my whole day. I will not take their sale notification seriously in future. It's just lottery style sale and cheap publicity stunt.