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Defending MS Dhoni against Irresponsible & emotional views of Yograj Singh

Dear Mr. Yograj Singh and Dhoni haters, If MS Dhoni is selecting the team then what selectors doing. Shouldn't he be paid extra for doing the job of selectors as well ;) If only MS Dhoni selects team by your logic then He selected Yuvraj in 2011 worldcup and Yuvi was not in good form prior to that and yet he trusted him and yuvi didn't let down his captain either. At that time people were complaining why Dhoni is favoring yuvi. Mr. Yograj did you send your blessings to Dhoni then. And Dhoni a


Snapdeal Nov 11 sale sucked! wasted my whole day

I had a terrible and frustrating experience with snapdeal today. The site was not responding to clicks, it's like you are in a stampede. It practically wasted my whole day. my full experience is illustrated below step by step, which I guess is the experience of many other users as well. So, here is how badly snapdeal is, in details: Today is nov 11, 2014 and I knew that today is snapdeal sale and I was ready. I saw the advertisement in the newspaper and noticed that sale on electronic items wi


MyGov: Nice initiative but implementation sucks!

Just had a look at MyGov [http://mygov.nic.in/] website, an initiative by Narendra Modi. Website looks nice.. and I was surprised. Because we know how govt websites generally look like. This website doesn't look like a govt website until you try to use it ;) And when you try to use it, It's full of flaws and mistakes... this is a very polite review of the website MyGov. You can't signup or sign in. Webpage hangs and slow server response time(1.1 seconds), pageload speed varies from 5 sec to 6