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How to Uninstall Apps in Mac & Troubleshoot Issues

I was using a USB connecter by MTS and it installed few app links and I wanted to remove those and several other apps which I wanted to remove. Anyway, the issues I encountered and how I resolved issue removing these apps/icons are here, in the order I try to remove them: Explaining options which you can use to remove applications in mac. How to remove apps from OS X Option 1: Go to launcher and press and hold the cursor and it'll show a 'x' icon in the corner and click on it shows a pop to uni


Historical References / Inspirations behind 'Bahubali: The Beginning & Conclusion'

The film’s narrative is clearly fictional, though allusions to Ballaladevā (Rana Daggubāti) and Bijjaladevā (Nasser): both actual kings from the Hoysala and Kalachuri dynasties – makes you believe an illusion of actual historic reference. According to ABHONA PLATES OF SANKARAGANA:(KALACHURI) YEAR 347 of the Abhira era, corresponding to A.D. 597, found in the possession of a Rajput family of Abhona, a village in Kalvan taluka of the Nasik District in the Bombay state, The earliest known Kalachur