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Comparing Wordpress, Octopress, and Ghost for a personal blog

During the course of last 4 years I've tried many blogging platforms. Which includes blogger, wordpress, jekyll, octopress, ghost and few others. And In this post I'm going to summarize my experiances with Wordpress, Octopress and Ghost. Wordpress: Highly customisable and lots of plugins. You think about something and you'll find a plugin for doing almost anything. But personally I also find this to be its downside. I end up screwing many of my blogs and it's not secure and updating every majo


Localhost tunneling, working with Facebook Open Graph

I'm currently developing an app which uses facebook Open graph API. Using localhost works fine with facebook authentication but when you want to use graph api then facebook needs access to the webpage, so that it can parse open graph meta tags. The solution to this problem is either deploy your app online or allow localhost tunneling so that facebook can access it. I prefer localhost tunneling when working in my development environment. I use ngrok [https://ngrok.com/]. ngrok securely exposes