Why oppose movie 'Padmavati' without seeing?

The most favorite argument by Bollywood people and Bhansali supporters is "have you seen the movie"?

In today's time if someone even leaks the print, it gets circulated so quickly that it reaches all public. Ask the directors whose work gets released on torrent sites and yet bollywood is giving above logic is silly or they consider themselves oversmart. Rajputs just want that the correct information is to be transferred to future generations. We don't have personal grudge against the director. And in fact, Rajputs have always been supporter of the art and literature and many kings were great poet as well and learned in singing and other art forms. eg. Maharana Kumbha, Prithviraj Singh Rathore aka Pithal etc. Bhansali didn't even consult the documents and verified things with royal family of Mewar. So, it shows that he has done no research and he's just basing his movie on a fictional poem and his personal point of view.

Bhansali has made a song video Ghoomar and released some so called facts on their twitter etc. How about the fact that Ghoomar is a dance form of Marwar and not Mewar. It didn't even exist back then in Mewar. The dress and steps were inappropriate in the video. If you sing a pop/rap song and call it classical singing and do thumka and bharatnatyam and call it kathak etc would be wrong. Similarly Rajasthan has its rich culture and history, you can't just tell people however and whatever you please.

There was a video of Ghoomar Original which in eight years didn't get that many views and this Bhansali video got more views and hype it got more views and reached to much bigger audience. So, impact of a movie is huge especially in today's time when most of people have moved out from villages to cities and new generations will likely get confused.

They say there's nothing wrong with the dance. Well, depends on the sensitivity of a society and its culture. What they may think as appropriate, doesn't necessarily mean that all people have the same views. Rajput women still don't wear such dresses, and surprisingly Bhansali was aware of it as some women in the background of the same song were wearing Rajput dress but deepika wasn't. If they make a historical movie then they should try to recreate that era and don't impose modern thinking and overlay on top of it. If someone judges the past based on present morals and beliefs they're likely to make gross mistakes.

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